Third Annual Bell Ringing at St. Anthony's The Bell of Fortune I think this makes it officially an annual event! (NYE)
Reading: Poetry & Memoir at Changing Spaces, new reading and exhibition series at the Cheese Traveller, Albany organized by the curators of an old Albany gallery of the same name (Jan 2017)


The Bell of Transformation at St. Anthony's (NYE)
Publication: "Love Has Nested in Collette's Apartment" in Scapegoat Issue 9: Eros (Available here) (March 2016)
75Grand Enterprises" ... I helped Jan Galligan with the sale and prep. (Feb 2016)
Alternative Albany Open House and TV too! (April 2016)
Grand Street Community Arts Basement Plans unveiled (June 2016)
Listen My Heart at Block Museum in Evanston, IL (June 2016)
Grand Walks: organized with help from Maeve McEneny (June - September 2016)
"Paper Exhibitions" panel at Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair (September 2016)
Life/Work: Executive Director of Grand Street Community Arts for exactly 9 months (January - September 2016)
St. Rocco Workshop established (September 2016)
Teaching: Nuts, Bolts & Beyond year 2! (Oct 16-May 17)
Performance: St Roccos Reading for the Falsely Accused (November 2016)


Project: Collaborative Projects Now (for Art & Context) (January-July 2015)
Last season of Sound Off at 16 Beaver - with Lary7, Gill Arno, Sarah Halpern, Joe Grimm, LoVid, Telecult Powers, Detroit Phonographers Union... 16 Beaver, I will miss you!!! (April - June 2016)
Project: A Book About Colab(for Art & Context)(Summer 2015) Project: Nuts, Bolts & Beyond - Professional Development Program of the Arts Center of the Capital Region


Stephanie and I moved to Albany and we had a baby.
Stainlessness in Chicago at Art in these Times (Feb-March 2014)
XFR STN at College Art Association (part of Uncommon Commons (Video here) (Feb 2014)
XFR STN at the Radical Archives Conference at NYU.
XFR STN Panel at Radical Archives -- Video available at Pad.Ma
The Array, A Radio Utopia...  at "Anarchism, Engagement, and Theories of Mediation" at NYU (April 18, 2014)
Paralektronoia with Felix Kubin at the New School - Part I (Performance) Part II (Symposium) (Dec 4 + 6, 2014)
Launched Art & Context, art services and consulting shop with curator Erin Sickler (Dec 2014)


Listen My Heart in Delhi (Jan 2013)
((audience)) at WRO (March 2013)
Dinoflagellate Blooms at the Tribeca Cinema as part of River to River Festival. (July 2013)
XFR STN at New Museum.  (July - Sept 2013)
"The Blind Spot of Speech" ("Der Blinde Fleck des Sprechens") on Emmanuel Madan's Zwischenlaute called in BE, the journal of Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Dec 2013)


Source of Uncertainty I
Source of Uncertainty II
We brought Charles Cohen to NYC and there were only like 7 people in the audience! WTF!?
Reading from I'd Rather Talk About It at Kerning House Showcase


Chai Party Movement brings hot tea in the mornings to Occupy Wall Street
Cinema for the Ear: Horror at CalArts. (And after CalArts, Alexis went to Oakland--his first trip to the Bay as an adult--where he rode in the front of Chuck's BikeTruck, visited the AK Press warehouse, found Sajan and Maninder's old house, sat in The Poet's Chair at CityLights Books, rode up and up and up with Takahiro until he finally reached the top of one of those seemingly endless hills, drove off to the Redwoods with Andrea K, came back to drink coffee with Andrea W., altogether missed Nani dearly and in general had a truly wonderful time.)
Hurricane Irene shuts down New York City and the Punjabi Breakfast Club is formed.
((audience)) convocation at Skylab Gallery, Columbus OH - 7/14/11
  Over consecutive Sunday we learn that each one of us a brain....and an athlete....and a basket case....a princess (or a Duchess)....and a criminal...
SoundOff 2011 at 16beaver: Highlights included a lecture by Alexander Keefe and a Providence-takes-Manhattan evening with students and faculty of the MEME program at Brown.
((audience)) presents Cinema for the Ear: Horror at Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center!
Sharjah InfoCart a public intervention by Lize Mogel and Alexis Bhagat, asking people to think about the City and provide data for our map--the Sharjah CityMap.
    There's an article about the Cart here. And the maps are for sale here.


FEB 2010: Northwest Film Forum. Joe Milutis has orchestrated some telephonic madness to precede Cris Creek's reading. - video (of sorts)
It's official! Un Atlas de Cartographias Radicales forthcoming from DPR-Barcalona!
Onsite #22 "Towards a Morphology of 20th Century Ordnance Storage" (with Adam Bobbette)
Scapegoat "Adam Bobbette in conversation with Nato Thompson and Alexis Bhagat"


Selling the third copy of "The Riddle of Steel."
Conversation Pieces, CEPA, Buffalo
An Atlas at Gallery 400 in Chicago
An Atlas at San Francisco State University in a double-exhibition with "CARTOGRAPHIC IMAGINATION: MAPPING IN CONTEMPORARY CALIFORNIA ART"
JUNE 2009: Lex & Lize discuss An Atlas - video
Mapping Power in the City
Agency and Surveillance VIDEO!!!


"Everybody Says" in the SUBLIMINAL STATEMENTS #3 (Right-click, it's a pdf)
Radio Fest. St. Mark's. 2008


OURS: Democracy in the Age of Branding
PAJ (v31n3) "Instructions for Listening to Radio"