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Source of Uncertainty

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In 1963, Don Buchla created his first Modular Electronic Music System for composer Morton Subotnick. Unlike Bob Moog’s modular synthesizer that focused on traditional keyboard controllers, Buchla’s mode of operation with patch-chords and touch controller was not tied to other extant instruments. As Suzanne Ciani, an early and avid user of the Buchla 200, has said: His designs for instruments were extraordinary. He brought the thought process of designing musical instruments right down to the origins of physical human nature and music. With the ease and portability of MIDI, digital recording and sampling in the 1990s, the analog synthesizer moved to the margins of music production. Amid resurgent interest in analog snythesizers, the Buchla 200e was introduced in 2005. Source of Uncertainty provides a platform for some of the artists exploring this powerful instrument and discovering new ways to think about composition and performance.

Source of Uncertainty was a series of three events (plus a prequel) celebrating the DIY modular synthesizer community, the Buchla 200e, the 25th Anniversary of Harvestworks, and Harvestworks' roots in the Public Access Synthesizer Studio. Source of Uncertainty was a collaboration between ((audience)), Harvestworks, River-to-River Festival, Art-on-Air and Spectacle. Source of Uncertainty was produced by Alexis Bhagat and Abby Echiverri, with Carol Parkinson.

Source of Uncertainty was kicked-off with a performance by Charles Cohen as part of ((audience)) Sound Off at 16 Beaver Street on June 26th, 2012.

Part I took place at the South Street Seaport on June 28th, 2012.
The Control Voltage Faire, a mini-trade-show and tech demo by DIY modular synth makers from across the country, began the day. Exhibitors included:
The Harvestman
Knas (who premiered the Polygamist at the Fair!)
Main Drag
Make Noise
MeMe Antenna
Snazzy FX
Composers Alessandro Cortini, Carlos Giffoni, and Mark Verbos performed on Buchla 200e at 8pm followed by a late night set that included The Loud Objects and Xeno & Oaklander.
Staged by Paul Howells of Harvestworks. (PHOTOS) (MORE PHOTOS)

Part II took place at the Kimmel Auditorium, Pace University on July 7th, 2012, and included a concert by Morton Subotnick and a playback of a quadraphonic tape-music piece by Richard Lainhart. (Mr. Subotnick was to have premiered Energy Shapes - a new work produced on the 200e + Ableton Live + vocal envelope follower; however, he chose instead to produce a live version of Silver Apples of the Moon. The website for the event does not reflect that change.)
Engineered by the staff of the Kimmel Auditorium, with additional equipment loaned by the Electronic Music Foundation.
(And, with love, for Caroline Meyers.)

Part III included "Extended Interviews" from "I Dream of Wires" with Sean McBride and Richard Lainhart.


Morton Subotnick at Source of Uncertainty II (excerpt)

Alessandro Cortini at Source of Uncertainty I (full)

Carlos Giffoni at Source of Uncertainty I (excerpt)

Marc Verbos at Source of Uncertainty I (excerpt)

Also, video of Loud Objects at Source of Uncertainty I HERE