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"The pages of this zine fall down into their files like Ariadne's Thread falls to the floor of the labyrinth, and like pilgrims' footprints set into spring mud. It is a collection of finidings and keepings from a quest for the meaning of tactical sound.

What is tactical sound? I do not really know, but, I am in love with the phrase and all that it implies.

Police battallions facing protesters. Loudspeakers like armaments, as the energy of the mob is shaped; as ideas of 'normalcy' and 'propriety' are maintained and disrupted sonically. Spaces for action created by voice. The Voice that sways. Inspires. Manipulates. (Which is which?) Sonic weaponry. Music as weapon, as in the Waco raid. Music in combat, as in the marching band. Propaganda. Anti-propaganda. Counter-advertising. Democratic sounds.

The phrase brings all these things to mind. Above all, it brings poetry to mind, in mysterious ways: the combative nature of poetry, of the struggle of the free spirit against the contrictions of society and its grammar. As Vaneigm wrote: Tactics are the polemical stage of the game. They provide the necessary continuity between poetry as it is born (play) and the organization of spontaneity (poetry). (Revolution of Everyday Life)"

From the Introduction to TACTICAL SOUND #1

Tactical Sound #1 Re: Loudspeakers (March 2004)
Featuring an explanation of Sound Vans, how to turn street lamps into a submliminal public address system, gleanings on the role of loudspeakers in the May 1968 and more. Contributions by Daniel Tucker, Tetsuo Kogawa and Alexis Bhagat

Tactical Sound #2: Re: Noise
(sitting in a secret vault) (secret contents.)(secret contributors.)(never published.)

Tactical Sound #3 Re: Radio
Includes essays, interviews and documentation from Jonathan Jay, Tetsuo Kogawa, Alejandro Acosta, Takahiro Noguchi, Derek Holzer, Reboot FM et al.
First printed: March 2005 (300 copies). Reprinted July 2005.
An HTML version was published on the AUPPIX micro-radio on a disk Live-CD.

Reprints Available. Visit the Catalog.
The HTML versions is available at www.osoe.net/auppix

Tactical Sound #4: Notes Towards A Lexigraphy on Appearance and Immersion
A consideration of performance practices through the etymology and connotations of "appearance" and "immersion." By Alexis Bhagat
January 2006.

Tactical Sound #5: Voice(s) of God(s)
The First Ever TACTICAL SOUND COMPACT DISC! With works by Gregory Whitehead, Christopher De Laurenti, Greta Byrum, Gydja, Matthew Sansom and Alexis Bhagat
Forthcoming (very very soon) from freematterfortheblind

Future issues in the works on:
Violent Dancing
Riot & Protest