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AIM: Supply / Demand gathers practitioners from art and industry to discuss the metamorphosis of Audio Visual Media in general and the opportunities of on-demand distribution.

While the film and music industries are constantly discussing the opportunities of new technologies, Supply/Demand aims to focus on the needs and the experiences of independent and experimental electronic artists. Bringing together scholars, media aggregators and distributors, and artists (musicians and composers, film makers, video artists, sound artists) Supply / Demand asks: How can artists make use of new channels of distribution? How can artists contribute to emerging protocols of distribution?

Supply / Demand launched in March 2013 as a series of panel discussions organized by Alexis Bhagat and Victoria Keddie, produced by ESP TV presented at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan.

supply demand postersupply demand posterPt 1: RADIO -> INTERNET, March 14, 2013
Jonathan Jay (Studio X-Seattle) Jon Anderson (Director of Broadcast Journalism, Department of Television and Radio, CUNY), Tom Roe, Artistic Director of WaveFarm. Moderated by Alexis Bhagat, ((audience))

Curated listening: Jason Candler, August Sound Coalition and Cascadia Free Radio.

(Part I "set out from utopia". Read a recap here.)

Pt 2: CABLE ACCESS: DEAD OR ALIVE, April 17, 2013
Panelists: Jaime Davidovich (artist, The Live! Show), Jamie Mohr (Vermont Cable Access, Bunnybrains), Chuck Stern (MNN programmer), Nancy Cain (Videofreex), and Ashby Lee Collinson (artist, Princess Dies). Each panelist also presented a short video. Moderated by Victoria Keddie, ESP TV.

Pt 3: MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES at MAD Museum took place on May 8, 2013
Some key panelists could not attend. This date was folded into ESP TVs live taping series.