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SOUND GENERATION (2000-2008)(2013)

Sound Generation is a record of many conversations, about sound, music, technology and politics, which took place between July 2001 and March 2005. Sound Generation is not another history of sound art: rather, it is an an impossible conversation that surveys an ongoing and incomplete present, formed from cut-up and reconstructed interviews with: Maryanne Amacher, Mark Bain, Claudio Chea + Jorge Castro, Christopher DeLaurenti, Grey Filastine, Brenda Hutchinson, Jeph Jerman, Richard Lerman, Annea Lockwood, Francisco Lopez, Lou Mallozzi, Ken Montgomery, Phill Niblock, O+A (Bruce Odland + Sam Auinger), Ed Osborn, Jodi Rose, Janek Schaefer, tobias c. van Veen, Hildegard Westerkamp, Gregory Whitehead, Pamela Z

Additional essays by Ultra-Red and Gregory Gangemi

AVAILABLE HERE (from Amazon) (Want to see it in Print? Email Autonomedia and ask for it!)

This 2013 ebook edition contains the full text of the 2008 edition of Sound Generation, with revised footnotes and biographies.

Here's how we described it 15 years ago in the invitation:
Sound Generation aims to survey contemporary sound art practices, with special focus on the role of recording technology, the relationship of sound art to traditional artistic disciplines, and the political ramifications of artistsā€™ processes.

The book was finally published by Autonomedia in 2013 as an epub. Thanks to Stephanie Loveless and Arooj Aftab for helping bring it to completion.

Prior to the 2013 publication, the Sound Generation manifested as three concerts and a symposium (Aspects of Jupiter I & II, Crystal Hearing) and several of the interviews (Maryanne Amacher, Grey Filastine, O+A, Hildegard Westerkamp, Gregory Whitehead) have been published in print and online.

(Here's the first page of the print edition, if you'd like a peek!)
(ANd a draft of the preface to the 2013 epub)