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Din & Hiss were my first compositional experiments after acquiring a mini-disc recorder, produced simultaneously with "Noise and Solace" and "I used to walk all the way from Pleasantdale..." Loops were produced within a minidisc and then laid down onto CD "sketchbooks." Composition of loops was done improvisationally with two minidisc players and two CD players with "sketchbooks" run through a mixer. Versions were run through again and again, adding layers (and noise) until the track "sounded finished." This sketchbook-overdub technique has been used to produce all my subsequent audio collages, except for the "Listening to Radio" series.

Jubilee (Din and Hiss #3)
Voices: Justin Bhagat (age 10), Unknown man from conversation on music recorded in the home of Khalida Maqsudi, and Shayla La Veaux snippet.